Substance W

The seven core members of Substance W originally hail from Stockton, California and have been collaborating in various combinations for over twenty years. Now dispersed along the West coast from Seattle to Los Angeles, musicians contribute their performances via the internet when not physically present in the studio. Guest musicians and vocalists are also enlisted on a regular basis. Inspired by a diverse range of influences - from ancient folk songs to the plot synopses printed on the backs of VHS tapes - the sound of Substance W is an ever-evolving pastiche of popular culture.

Their first full-length album A Boiling Vat Of Adhesive Xmas is a genre-hopping adventure across yuletide terrain.

Substance W's second album, Valentinnitus, explores the timeless subject of love via fourteen musical love letters.

The third album from this always eclectic group, Spring Session W, delves into all that is Spring, with their unique look at baseball, moms, Easter, and taxes.

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