Substance W: Valentinnitus - Biennial Anniversary Edition

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Amore Mix

Devoted Demo

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Now with the refreshing taste of swag.

Limited edition pressing of 214 copies, hand numbered, packaged in silk-screened cardstock wallet. Comes with special commemorative button, vinyl sticker, and refrigerator magnet.

Substance W's second album explores the timeless subject of love via fourteen musical love letters. This album covers every aspect, from sickeningly sweet bubblegum pop to darkly cinematic soundscapes of obsession, and makes a great gift alternative for that special someone in your life. Rather than the generic flower bouquet or teddy bear delivery, surprise your valentine this year with something more heartfelt: a gift that says "You have really messed my mind up."

Track list:
Valentinnitus • Blue Rosebuds • P.S. I Love You • Black Is The Color • Lady • Peg O' My Heart • And I Love Her • Night And Day • My Shmookie-Mookie • My Funny Valentine • Rocket Loves Moon • Babe • Perfect Love • To His Coy Mistress