Choagie & Friends: Crass & Cruel Crank Calls




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Before the Jerky Boys, there was Choagie.

In a world without caller ID, when unsuspecting strangers were randomly telephoned by anonymous pranksters...

These are the collected personal tape recordings of a juvenile delinquent named Choagie Graham, who managed to keep victims on the phone a surprisingly long time with his laughably bad impersonations, improbable scenarios, and downright offensive comments. Not for the faint of heart.

Note: The opinions expressed by Choagie do not necessarily reflect the views of Worst Kitchen Records, it's parent company, or subsidiaries.

Track list:
Collect Call From William Jefferson • Collect Call From Lamont Jackson • Rock Trivia Question • Stephanie? • You Ate My Dog • Do I Know You? • Cable Thief #1 • Cable Thief #2 • Cable Thief #3 • Dong Van Ngyuen • The Walls (You Can Do Better Than That) • The Walls (Hang-up) • Your Son Shoplifted At Zody's • Your Oriental Son Shoplifted At Zody's • Is Tai Vong There? • Collect Call From Rita Cunnings #1 • Collect Call From Rita Cunnings #2 • The Jester