Blood Feast: Blood Feast

Bloody Bits

Bite Of Feast

Feast A Bit

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Grinding, metallic, horror-punk

In 1983, three teens got together, came up with some music and words, and talked their older friend Cole into doing vocals. The result: Blood Feast. Guitar, bass, vocals, and trashcans/cardboard boxes for drums. Maybe some real drums, too. They only played these songs a few times, and then the tape was lost for decades. Recently rediscovered, this EP-length disc collects the best of two practices. One above a liberal food co-op, the other in a garage. Listen for the chatter between a visiting police officer and members of the band! Music lover Cole had never been in a band before, and hasn't again since. In fact, these recordings are all that exist of the group Blood Feast. A piece of history not many even knew existed, until now.

CD-R EP in jewel case. 25 minutes.