Peeno: This Microphone Is Broken

Wilkinson Funkmaster 2000

Please Stand By

This Microphone Is Broken

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Sounds of another stratosphere

Barely distinguishable voices and sounds echo and loop, swirl around, and get turned inside out, as if time and space are being controlled by a malfunctioning turntable in an empty concert hall. Dialog from "The Brady Bunch" and "Poltergeist" are quoted for no apparent reason, interrupted by bursts of demented Wurlitzer-style mall muzak. Who or what exactly are Peeno? And why did they think any of this was a good idea? Listening to this album from start to finish gives one the sensation of being trapped underwater in an ill-conceived sensory deprivation experiment. A soundtrack for the mind's eye? A brilliant example of "musique concrete"? Or just incoherent nonsense? Whatever the critical consensus, it's definitely a fun trip.

Track list:
Please Stand By • Don't Play Ball In The House • This Microphone • Ear Bath • Wilkinson Funkmaster 2000 • Metal Machine Microphone • This Microphone Is Broken • No More Bonk Bonk • When She Comes