Ass Prison: Live And Sticky




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No rehearsal, no overdubs, no survivors.

In their first full-length album, the mighty members of Ass Prison prove their mettle with an all-LIVE tour de force of gritty, hard driving, off-the-cuff rock'n'roll.

Nothing on this recording was composed, rehearsed, or remotely premeditated. It's pure spontaneous garage rock with all its inherent flaws, as well as inspired moments of surprisingly cohesive brilliance. A diamond in the rough.

Feel the burning fire.
Hear the yearning desire.
Welcome... to Ass Prison.

Track list:
Clem • Dagon (Part 1) • Cell Block F • Diarrhea Gardens • Cell Block A • Love Come • Dagon (Part 2) • Lighting A Fire And Letting It Burn • Cell Block B (Banana People) • Dagon (Part 3) • Testosterate • Cell Block D • Pirates!