DJ Napp: El Nappo Vs. The Aztec Frankenstein

Torgo, Tilton, Gun Show

Lime, Time, Supersoap!

Bees, Nader, Torgo and More

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When the master's away, Torgo will play.

From the depths of our late-20th century archives comes this sampling mash-up extravaganza of chill-out grooves and up-tempo dance beats. Every track produced by DJ Napp is here, including two featuring everyone's favorite caretaker, Torgo.

Fans of Moby, Thievery Corporation, The Avalanches, Negativland, late night television, thrift store record bins, and (last but not least) the cult film Manos: The Hands Of Fate are sure to enjoy this 68-minute romp.

Note: the 5-track EP "Heeere's Torgo!" can be downloaded from the usual online music stores (from the links below, as a matter of fact!), but this 21-track CD is a limited edition release -- available only at Worst Kitchen!