Substance W: 3-Pack

Xmas-boiled down



$26 plus shipping

Pack in the savings!

Here's your chance to grab the complete discography of Substance W in one fell swoop! The 3-Pack includes all three CDs from this eclectic band, and costs eight bucks less than if you were to purchase each album separately.

A Boiling Vat Of Adhesive Xmas is a genre-hopping adventure across yuletide terrain.

Valentinnitus explores the timeless subject of love via fourteen musical love letters.

Spring Session W takes a unique look at baseball, moms, Easter, and taxes.

How much would you pay? Don't answer yet, because you'll also get a set of three commemorative postcards! Collect them, mail them, hang them in the den! Or impress your boss at the office!
That's right! It's the Substance W 3-Pack. Three CDs and three postcards, all for one low price. It's packtacular!