Peeno: Mule Donut Impala




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Americana jam band plunderphonics

The members of Peeno discovered a cassette tape recording of a jam session from twenty years ago, and decided to have another series of jam sessions with the tape. Sometimes they followed the original recording, and at other times used it as a starting point for something drastically different.

The results were then mixed, cut-up, rearranged, and mixed again. Sometimes the original tape is eliminated altogether, and sometimes it still takes center stage.

In this strange combination of past and present, a few new songs emerged, along with some opportunities for the use of odd sampling.

Track list:
Introduction • Adhesive X • Swamp Fuzz • America • Doctor Wilkinson • Thank You • Corns • Inner Ruption • Big And Bad • Peep Holes • Valley Of The Bones • Belt Buckle