Allied Fracture: Conspiracy Generation

Fortified Crisis Mix

Disorderly Subterranean Sample

Eat The Impatience Cut-Up

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Shock Muzak Of The Apocalypse

Breakbeats meet plunderphonics in Allied Fracture's first CD release. A paranoid tour-de-force, Conspiracy Generation was recorded on analog reel-to-reel tape for maximum hiss and flutter. Heavy electronic beats, dark orchestral stylings, layers of found noise and anxious vocals create a driving wall of noise that will have you singing along, suffering from tinnitus, and suspecting others' motives. But questions remain: Hasn't Allied Fracture ever heard of "production values"? Why the bad attitude? And is Allied Fracture holding up a mirror to our postmodern lives, or insulting our intelligence?

One reviewer describes this music as "Beastie Boys meets some minimal synth outfit like Absolute Body Control, The Normal, Crash Course in Science, Rational Youth, Suicide, etc if it were produced by The Residents." (Chain DLK, 3 out of 5 stars)

This hand-numbered limited edition (25 copies) includes a lyric sheet, four collectible art prints, and a luxurious leatherette slip cover.

Track list:
Crisis Overture • Shock Fortified • Feelin' Obsolete • 2640 Volts • Everybody Always • Disorder • Subterranean Terms • Justice Commandos Of The Genocide • Impatience • Apocalypse Muzak • Eat The Obvious • Crisis Finale