Stephen Cunningham: Home Sliced




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The lyrics are the key.

Here are a batch of home recordings made in living rooms, basements, bedrooms, dining rooms... Over at a friend's place, or by myself while the kids were trying to take a nap at home. Singing out of raw notebooks, making up the tune and then pushing record before I forgot the chord changes.

Most of these were played the one time and then never again. They weren't honed or practiced or had whatever spark of life they may have had wrung out of them. Weren't fiddled with much at all. The spirit is still there, and that was the intention. To record a certain time, and mood, and feeling, and then move on to others. The lyrics are the key.

Track list:
It's More Complicated Now • F***ing Each Other • Out There In The Wind • On The Other Side Of a Mistake • Smoke All Over Town • Everything That Once Existed • In My Dream • Cool Wind Blowing • Just Like... • Let Me In • A Witch Planted Me • An Elegant Kind of Fire • Walking Crooked • That's Just How It Goes • The Lap of Evil • Pull It Over • Growing Reverie • Full Moon Again • Milkmaid of Bordeaux • Like a Vulture • I'd-a Been Gone • Mexicholy • Pretty Werewolf • Kid • Pitchfork Dance