Dennis Aman: Farrago

Folding, degradation, slow motion

Books, Bach, Beach

Gliss, Synclavier, Grace

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Sound experiments that tease the mind

How many ways can recorded music or speech be squeezed, stretched, dithered, or folded before it becomes pure abstraction? At the tone, will Pacific Standard Time be 10:10 (and ten seconds)... again? What if Bach had been a speed freak?

Dennis Aman answers these and other questions you probably never thought to ask, by means of sonic excercises that will fascinate, delight, and maybe even infuriate the listener. Also included are live ensemble performances arranged by Aman, a modern composer who treads in the footsteps of Harry Partch, John Cage, and Steve Reich, while finding new territory of his own along the way.

Track list:
Stephen Hawking • The Eagle Has Landed • Rip-Burn-Repeat • Wenn Bach Ein SpeedFreak Gewessen War • Another Look At Einstein • Variation on Amazing Grace • and more