Flash Pan Hunters: Flash Pan Hunters




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The Hunt Is Over: Flash Back

One of the most exciting bands to emerge from Seattle's post-grunge scene, Flash Pan Hunters captured lightning in a bottle with their self-titled 1999 debut, which has been a hard-to-find rarity since that original vinyl pressing. Led by multi-talented Cory Gettman (who gained further local fame in bands Fear Of Little Men and Black Phantom Railroad) FPH's diverse sound ranges from traditional guitar-driven hooks to haunting melodies and experimental production techniques.

Worst Kitchen is proud to mark the tenth anniversary of this underground classic with its premiere CD release, digitally remastered from the original source tapes. Recipient of the coveted "Rock & Troll" award (Summer Music Revue - The Live Fremont Or Die Herald), this seminal album is sure to be turning more listeners into FPH fans for decades to come.

Track list:
Start • Bob • Jet Plane To Japan • Intro • Chuck's Army Survival Kit • Assless Odin Pants • Aunt Martha • Polyester Filling • Chicken That Did This To My Face • Magic • Chief Wang