Asgoth A.D.: Warwick Motel




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Groove On "Inn"

No room will be vacant of budget luxury when equipped with this wall-to-wall shag carpet of rock 'n' roll. Rockabilly and heavy metal collide with the unmistakable sound of an '80s vintage Casio keyboard. Plus amusing monologues and dramatic scenes that might tell some sort of story... or maybe it's just a bad dream. It's hard to know what happened the night before, or where you might be going next, when you wake up to find yourself in the "Warwick Motel".

Track list:
After Austin • The Brass Plates • Sedan • Shove • Hard To Build • H.P. Letters • Off-Time (Fuel The Engine) • Oh Yeah!??! • Dave's Idea • Joy To The World • B.C. • Ride • Just Kidding • Bless The Sick • Leland