Spanky Spankitos & The Spankaroos: The Totally Gay '80s




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A fluorescent festival of, like, fun

Stuffy old historians wearing tweed blazers often referred to the 1890s as "The Gay Nineties" (usually while seated in front of impressive bookcases). But when the 1980s came along they were like, "Oh my god! TOTALLY!" (Next they spiked their hair with VO5 gel, donned OP shorts and Revo sunglasses, and partied hardy with Spuds McKensie. "History hella rules, dude! Woo!") But to get more to the point....

Remember the righteous music playing behind your favorite late-night TV infomercials on channel 31? Remember tapping your toes to the rad beat of a grainy Burger King training video while learning how to properly use the grill timer? Chances are, Spanky Spankitos was the man behind that musical magic. He and his Spankaroos specialized in bouncy, upbeat instrumental pop -- a sound designed to be catchy, but not so intrusive as to compete with Ron Popeil when pitching his Great Looking Hair Formula #9.

Now you can enjoy those Spanky sounds from the comfort of your 21st century relaxation pod, by way of the same CD technology invented in a bygone era called The Totally Gay '80s.

Track list:
Sunburn Blues • Waves • Only Life • The Razor's Edge • Afro Syncro Disco Beat • BS Sr • Fusion Beat • Romance • Crazy Situation • Machines Of The Damned • Time To Go