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Nipped At The Buds

Bosom Buds

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Live from "The Mayes Club"

Assorted Spores (also known as The Buds) were a short-lived fixture of the casino bar circuit in South Lake Tahoe circa 1980. Hired to play more relaxing fare like Christopher Cross's "Sailing", the band delighted in shocking their audiences by aborting the soft rock mid-song and launching into tunes by future legends like The Clash and Gang Of Four (as well as some blistering instrumentals of their own) until the house management pulled the plug. This bait-and-switch stealth punk approach soon got Assorted Spores blacklisted from every casino in Tahoe, earning them the bemused admiration of every other band in town.

This CD, the second release in Worst Kitchen's Real Garage Bands series, gathers the best of the Assorted Spores rehearsal tapes and showcases the fantastic guitar chops of Mike, solid bass lines of Ron, and amazing drum fills of Billy (Sahara Casino's orchestra drummer extraordinaire). Now you can bring this band into your own living room and get the party started.

Track list:
Intro (Live from The Mayes Club) • I Found That Essence Rare • Token Friends • Damaged Goods • Mystery Dance • The Wait • Bass Cadet Boogie • The Nips Are Getting Bigger • Work It Out • Precious • Janie Jones • My Big Bonah