Storm: Neither Here Nor There



nor there

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Found sounds and found recorders.

"Most of this was put together late 80's - early 90's, sitting on the floor where the electrical outlet was as I didn't have an extension cord. Found sounds and found recorders. Some of this was getting the records to skip with strategically placed pieces of masking tape, trying to create a looping beat or rhythmic something or other. 12" vinyl albums of sound effects checked out from the public library. Splicing bits and chunks of stuff, taped off of TV, onto breaking down cassette machines. Using and reusing the same old tapes for mix-downs. Spend all night piling hundreds of splices together, then cobble a version out and move on. After a while the four track lost one and there were only three to work with. Then the reel to reel starting popping too much. This was all way before any of us had home computers or samplers. Boomboxes playing a big part. Tape to cheap tape."

Track list:
Recorders Are Active... • Textbook Egyptian • Fire-Chief • Giant Sleeps Along The Way • Freak Myself • Fireproof Lady • Skeleton's See-Saw Hat • Do You Have A Question...? • Crucial Seed • They Were Blue • Freak Myself (Part 2)