GTR GYRO: The Far-Out Sounds of the Fretless Guitar

Fretless Fricassee

Fretless Mess

Fretless Sounds

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Slipping and sliding on slinky strings

Take a twenty-something guitarist with time on his hands, a Les Paul copy with frets yanked out, lots of effects pedals, and a cassette deck. The result: meandering musical mayhem. GTR GYRO (pronounced "guitar hero") made a lot of these tapes a few decades ago, but this is the only one using his long-lost fretless guitar. Here is the only documented sound of that guitar, in combination with the beloved pedal board that was also lost in the same bizarre traffic accident (involving two ice cream trucks and a unicycle).

Track list:
See-Saw Riders In The Sky • Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Demented Beeker • Dr. Wilkinson's Pills (My Friend Looks Like A Lamp!) • Unused Musical Cue for "Incredible 2-Headed Transplant" • I Got The No-Frets-Bottleneck-Slide-Simulatin' Blues • Journey To The Center Of A Rosewood Box • Don't Fret