Colonel Jimmy & The Blackfish: CJBF




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Stewed, brewed, rude, tattooed...

Colonel Jimmy & The Blackfish offer no apologies with their self-titled, self-released debut. With a fast-growing grassroots fan base reaching world wide, this 5-piece outlaw country band is known for ignoring standards and has carved out a niche as a hard-driving, over-sexed gang of murderous misfits. CJBF's musical roots are planted firmly in the moonshine-fueled hellbilly tradition with lyrics rarely offering a moral value yet cleverly composed to convince us to be comfortable with debauchery.

A must-have CD for any drinking event, campfire, or road trip.

Track list:
Come To The Show • Ione Hitch Hiker • Get Some • Stupid With You • Derby Girl Style • In The Pines/Pickup Truck • Bless Your Heart • Cocaine • Grandma's Gangbang Jamboree • Run To the Hills